What Our Students Say

To be honest, I never enjoyed anything about working out. When I heard about CrossFit Alpha Dog opening up down the street from me I decided to try it, I had nothing to lose. The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, and have been my #1 motivators and supporters since day 1, which is not something you get from going to a regular gym.


I was a 36 year old woman who hadn’t participated actively in a fitness program since the age of 18. One year later, I’ve lost 30+ lbs and all I can think about or talk about is Crossfit. I’m a member of one of the greatest families on earth.


    August 2nd: CrossFit Alpha Dog 2nd Annual Summer Olympic Weightlifting Meet. Email tommy@crossfitalphadog.com with any inquiries.

    CrossFit Alpha Dogs "Day at the Races". Join us at Arlington Race Track on July 26th!

    Elements classes starting every 2 weeks! Next class begins July 28th at 6:00PM. Click the getting started tab for more information. 

    Refer a friend and receive 50$ CASH!

    ATTENTION MEMBERS: Request to join our FB group CrossFit Alpha Dog for social updates and peer to peer networking.