12/01/17 - CrossFit Alpha Dog


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)


5 Sets

:30 Max Bench Reps 45/35

5 Stict Weighted Pull Ups
You will set a number of Bench Press Reps on your first round. Do so with a 1/2 Second lockout on each rep. Whatever number you get on your first :30 is what you will use on sest 2-5.

Complete 5 Strcit weighted pull ups after each set of Bench Reps. These have to be unbroken. Use either a belt, or your feet (kettlebell) to hold the weight. Scale these first in reps, then to regualr strict pull ups, then to five negatives.

Score is pull ups weight.

Metcon (Time)


Box Jumps w/Step Down

Medicine Ball Cleans
No rebounding on the box jumps! Many of you saw how challenging this was last time we did it.

The med ball clean starts with the ball on the ground for each rep. Hit HIP EXTENSION before you pull yourself under the ball and catch it in a squat. Yes a clean infers a squat with EACH rep.

Time Cap 14 Minutes

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