12/04/17 - CrossFit Alpha Dog


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

Front Squat/Back Squat (5 Rounds 3 Front Squat 5 Back Squat)

Complete 3 Front Squat IMMEDIATELY into 5 Back Squat. This will be the first of 4 weeks we will be doing this.

Use 70% of your best Front Squat (Same starting weight as 4 Weeks ago for the 3×5 front Squat)

If you do not have a 1RM Front Squat, work up to a decently Heavy 3 Rep (based upon our 4×5’s) and use this.

Metcon (Time)

For Time

30 Deadlift 205/125

20 Power Clean 155/95

10 Power Snatch 115/65
Look at each weight before you start the workout. You should KNOW that you can move each weight in quick singles if you choosing the rx weights. The deadlifts are really the only TnG reps here.

Female weights are awkward to make easy weight changes.

Use one bar. Take weights off as ou progress.

Time Cap 9 MInutes


30 Deadlift 275/205

20 Cleans 185/135

10 Snatch 135/85

Metcon (12 Rounds for time)

Extra Credit

3 Sets

4x500M Row

1:00 Between Rounds

3:00 Between Sets

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