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CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

30 Minute Around The World EMOM

1: Handstand (:20-:30-FS)

2: Burpee Box Jump (5-7-9)

3: Bar Hang (:30-:40)

4: Step Up (12/16/20)

5: 15/12 Cal Row
On an around the world type workout your goal is to pick a number or time you ARE CERTAIN you can hold the whole 30 Minutes. You may not alter this number once you have started. Choose a scale, and stick to it. It is usually a good idea to guess low to make sure you hit every minute.

The idea of this is to teach you how to pace a workout. Not to kill yourself to finish the movements per minute. But, to give yourself plenty of time to do what you have choosen to.

For the handstand hold choose :20, :30 or a Freestanding option of either. You can do these facing or back to the wall.

1 Rep Per :10 seconds

Burpee Box jump is self explainatory at this point. However this is where many will mispace. Choose 5/7/ or 9 reps here.

Barhang is unbroken, like the HS hold. 1 Rep per :10.

Complete all step ups on one leg before the other. So if completeing 12 go 6/6 on each leg.

The row is the same across. This is the only point where some may need to push. 1300 male pace. 950 female.

Mark reps per each round. Remember, these should ALL BE THE SAME.

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Extra Credit

5 x 1/3 MAX Pull Ups as strict Banded C2B

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