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Metcon (Time)

Alternte with a Parnter for 6 Rounds of..

21-15-9 (18-12-9)

Row Calories


Burpees over the Rower.
Partner 1 will complete the whole 21-10-15-10-9-10 and then partner 2 will complete it. So, you will each be doing 3 rounds.

Do not restrat the rower, go 21-36-45.

Burpees are rower facing. With who foot take off and two foot landing.

Time cap PER partner PER Round is 5:30 Minutes.

So, you will need to keep mark where you finish each round, and estabish each new time cap. For example, you finish round 3 at 13:39, Next partner has until 19:09 to finsih before time capped.

Metcon (Time)

Extra Credit

8 Rounds

20 Air Squats

1K Bike @ Ascending pace.

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