8/10/17 - CrossFit Alpha Dog


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

Shoulder Press (2 Thrusters + 2 Push Press OTM x 8)

Taken From the Floor.

Every Minute for 8 Minutes complete 2 Thrusters and 2 Push Presses. Do this at the weight of your heavy double press from last week (8/03/17).

If you were not here, use 75-80% of your best press.

Recorded as 8×2 and under PRess so you can easily find the weight you are to use.

Metcon (Calories)

Teams of 3 Complete

16 Minute AMRAP

Assault Bike Calories

P1 Bike

P2 Dead Hang from Bar

P3 Rest
Try to get teams all about the same height, attempt to make this same gender, but it can be mixed.

Everything will be focused on the dead hang. You cannot bike unless someone is hanging. You will also rotate once partner 2 comes down from the bar.

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