9/07/17 - CrossFit Alpha Dog


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Front Rack Lunge (5×12)

If you were here last monday, use 10 pounds more as long as your lunge steps are perfect!

Use 50-60% of your best front Squat for your 5 sets today.

OR. If you have completed the 5x12s, look back in wodify and use a PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED weight.

1) Take the bar from the rack.

2) Face opposite the direction you would if typically taking bar from the rack.

3) Take 6 strides away from rig, turn, take 6 strides back toward rig.

4) Keep torso rigid, elbows up. good lunge technique (don’t tight rope).

5) Work with a partner.

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

3 Sets


Dumbbell Snatch 50/35

2 Minute Rest between Sets
Take your times for each round! Also, each round is meant to be done as fast as possible. The hope is that you keep a similar pace round to round.

Metcon (Time)

8 Sets

20 Assault Bike Cals

1 Minute Rest between rounds

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