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Walking Lunges (8x20M)

Every 1:30 Complete 20M Walking Lunges x 8
Same as last week.

At the top of every :90 complete 20M of walking lunge steps. Hold the dumbbells (2 dumbbells)at your sides.

Use the same dumbbells for all sets. You can share with a partner and offset by :45.

Males think 35s +

Females think 35s –

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Minute EMOM

30 Double Unders

1 Set Muscle Ups
Every Minute for 10 Minutes will start with a set of double unders. You will have the rest of the minute to complete one set of RING MUSCLE UPS. Bar muscle ups can be done but are considered scaling.

Scale Muscle Ups to Strict Pull Ups first and then Negative Pull Ups.

Metcon (Time)

Extra Credit

8 Rounds

300M Row

8 Strict Handstand Push Ups

:30 Rest


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

With a Partner Complete…

4,000M / 3,500M Row

Every 4:00 Including 0:00 Complete..

15 Clean and Jerks 185/125

15 Clean and Jerks 165/115

15 Clean and Jerks 135/95

15 Clean and Jerks 95/65
The weight decreases every 4:00. Once you hit round 4 the weight will remain the same. Both partners have to stop rowing until the reps are complete.

Time Cap 28:00


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

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Back Squat (5 Sets of 3 Reps)

Congrats Coach Brian Diffley on winning Sober January!!

….You know what to do

Complete 5 Sets of 3 on the Back Squat. Use the same weight for every set.

The weight you use should be one of 2 options…

1) Add 10/5 From last weeks Back Squat 5×3

2) Something sustainable that you are able to move well for all 5 sets.

Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips
In the past, we have done this with power cleans. Today RX will be done with squat cleans.

Scale ring dips using bands today.

We will likely need to be sharing rings. Just allow others to work while you rest.

Time Cap 11 minutes


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Bench Press (6×1)

Complete 6 Sets of 1 all at the same weight. The weight to use is 10/5 pounds more than last weeks 6×1.

If last week felt VERY Heavy, repeat the same weight

If you were not here last Thursday, shoot for 90%+


Metcon (Time)

For Time


Kettlebell Swings 70/53


Strict Chin Ups
Kettlebell Swings are to be done overhead.

Chin ups are using a palms facing grip.

Scale these to negatives in a 3-6-9-12 rep scheme.

Time cap 13 Minutes

Double Kettlebell Snatch 35s/25s


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GYM CLOSED. Complete this work at home

Record scores if you do these!

Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds

30 Lateral Jumping Air Squats

45 Mountain Climbers

1:00 Rest
The lateral jumping squat involves movement left, and then movement right. So you will squat and then slightly jump left, and then squat and slightly jump right. Do this sequence 28 more times per round.

A mountain climber (:50 mark)

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Abs

32 Rounds of :20 on :10 off

Sit Ups

Plank Right

Plank Left

Hollow Rocks
Complete 32 Rounds (8 Rounds 4 Minutes EACH) of the 4 movements. Meaning you do all the sit ups, and then all the right side plank.

Do planks on elbow of that side.