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Power Snatch (Build to a Heavy Power Snatch + Drop Sets)

IN TEN MINUTES OR LESS… Build to your heavy Power Snatch.

You should not need more than 7 weight increases to get here today.

Once the ten minutes are up, you will have 5-6 more minutes to complete two more sets of two singles at 80% of your heavy Snatch.

Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

30 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
Chest to Bars SHOULD NOT BE done in singles. Consider losing your kip to be a single rep as well. Focus on stringing together reps.

Time Cap 10 Minutes

Rx+ 15 Bar Muscle Ups


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Front Squat/Back Squat (4 Rounds 3 Front Squat 5 Back Squat)

One set LESS.

Complete 3 Front Squat IMMEDIATELY into 5 Back Squat. This will be the fourth of 4 weeks we will be doing this.

Use 70% of your best Front Squat. OR Something you can move well for the 3 FS.

If you were here over the past few weeks, Males add ten pounds, Females add 5 pounds.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Minute AMRAP

16 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35

20M DB OVHWL 50/35
Rotate the Dumbbell hang clean and jerks every 8 reps. So half one arm and half on the other. Do this every 10 meters on the overhead walking lunge.

Every 10 Meters is one rep on the lunges.

Metcon (Time)

Extra Credit

8 Rounds

:30 Handstand Hold

375M Row

1:00 Rest


CrossFit Alpha Dog – CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

With a partner complete the following…


Double Unders


Handstand Push Ups
Partner one will complete the entire 100 double unders and then the 27 hspu. Then partner number two will do the same. Move through the 21-15-9 in the same fashion.

The number of double under reps you complete should not take you more than :90 and each HSPU set should not take you longer than :90.

Scale HSPU to wall 1/3 the wall walks.

24 Minutes

Metcon (Time)

Extra Credit

50 DBall Cleans as fast as possible with a partner.

*Split However*


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Deadlift (5 Sets of 4 @ 75%)

Complete 5 total sets of 4 reps at 75% of your Best Deadlift. These should not be over the top heavy.

If you do not have a 1RM, work up to something challenging and work there.

If you were here last friday, add 10 pounds. Both male and female.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

11 Minute AMRAP

50 Box Jump Overs 24/20

40 Toes to Bar

30 DB Hang Squat Cleans 50/35

MAX Calorie Row
Scale the workout so that you end on the rower. So if you look at any single piece and think it will drastically slow you down, either lower the reps or alter the movement.

You will need two dumbbells for the hang squat cleans. Start a new heat every 3 minutes.

Score is all reps



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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Sets

8 Strict Ring Dips

8 Strict Pull Ups

1:00 Rest Between Rounds
Scale Reps before movement. So if you can complete 4 reps of each do so. If you can complete one movement but not the other do so.

Scale ring dips using a band.

Scale Pull Ups down to 2 negatives.

Score is total reps completed as Rx with the proper rest time. Perfect score is 128.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

2 Minutes on 1 Minute Off x 4 Rounds

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

MAX Wall Balls 20/14
Every round starts with the bike. Your number of calories should be completed under 1:00. If it is not, scale the number of calories.

Score is number of wall balls PER Round.

Each Bike ride has a 1:00 Time Cap

Metcon (Distance)

Extra Credit

21 Minute AMRAP

400M Run

2:00 Rest

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