Olympic Lifting

Designed to focus solely on the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch, these classes are run by USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach and Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Bob Bondiman. Read More about Bob on our Coaches Page.
Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm. To see the rest of our class offerings, check out our Schedule Page.

Message to Oly Lifting Class Participants:
O lift class participants,

Please bring / do the following for the class:

  • A roll of 1.5 inch cloth athletic tape (I will have extra for the first class)
  • Wear lifting shoes if you have them or if no lifting shoes, then try a shoe with a solid sole and heel such as a work boot or dress shoe; running or a general athletic shoe is the least preferred option.
  • Wear sweat pants that go to the ankle or if you wear shorts, then long socks that come up to the knee to protect the shins from cuts and abrasions from the bar. Personally, I prefer long sweat pants for O lift training.
  • A good supply of water or the sport drink of your choice.
  • Don’t do any Crossfit workouts before the Olympic lifting workout so you at full strength and energy.

For those new to the class or O lifting, we will be going over technique for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Flexibility and the ability to get into the correct lifting positions is key to success and this will be the first thing we will work on. It will take me a couple of sessions to see where each of you is at in terms of flexibility and technique. As I learn the needs of each athlete, I will tailor my advice to suit your needs.

For athletes who have attended my lifting classes previously, we will coaching based on what we have learned and accomplished in past training sessions.

I look forward to working with all of you. My big payoff is seeing you enthusiastic and having a great time because you can see that you are making good progress.

Best regards,
Coach Bob



Competition Prep

A high level training group for athletes looking to compete in CrossFit competitions. This group is run separately from regular CrossFit classes and follows it’s own programming designed specifically for competing. The custom program we follow is written by well known CrossFit Coach Jason Leydon and created for our athletes to conquer our weaknesses and embrace our strengths.

Prerequisites to Join the Competition Prep Program

Must Haves

  • 3 Months active CrossFit experience
  • Minimum 9 hours per week to dedicate to the program
  • 4 Olympic Weightlifting classes completed
  • Unlimited Member
  • Positive attitude

Then Must Have 9 of 12 of the Following….

  • Squat Snatch greater than 115/80
  • 10 Consecutive chest to bar pull ups Men / 10 consecutive kipping pull ups Women
  • 10 Ring Dips Men / 1 Ring Dip Women
  • 500m Row 1:45/2:05
  • “Grace” RX in less than 6:00
  • 1 Hand Stand Push Up Men / Ability to kick up to handstand on wall Women
  • 1 Muscle Up Men / Jump through muscle up Women
  • 10 Toes to Bar without letting go of the bar Men / 5 Toes to Bar without letting go of the bar Women
  • 10 Consecutive Wall Balls 20/14
  • 5 Kettle Bell Swings 70/55
  • 10 Consecutive Double Unders
  • Back Squat 225/165


Elements classes starting at 6:30PM Mon/Wed/Fri. Check out the getting started tab for more details!

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