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Lindsey Hutchings & Sam Bosma

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Lindsey Hutchings

CrossFit box and ball workoutI was born and raised in Rockford, MI and moved to the Chicagoland area June 2013 for Physician Assistant school. I am currently still working on my education and loving life in Glen Ellyn, Il. I enjoy triathlons, line dancing/country music, ‘fun runs’, and going to Crossfit Alphadog daily.

I have always enjoyed athletics more than anything else. I’m very active and grew up trying a variety of sports. I’ve tried ballet/tap dance, diving, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and cross country. Basketball became my favorite and my motivation for working hard through high school. One of my favorite memories is when I realized my own potential through my coaches words. In 8th grade, I was playing every position on the floor and was loving it. Although, at some point I felt that my coach was being extra hard on me compared to the other players. I remember going home almost in tears one day and telling my parents what I was experiencing. The next day at practice my coach had noticed a change in my attitude. He brought me aside and began to explain to me that the reason he pushed me so hard was because I had so much potential to be a great basketball player. I could not thank him enough for pushing me to my limits as a player because it gave me the confidence to be a varsity basketball captain and help lead my team to districts.

Once I graduated from high school and decided to go to a University where I did not play basketball, I struggled with missing my teams and competition. I played intramurals and some other 3 on 3 basketball competitions. But to make up for it, I joined the triathlon club and decided to start competing in triathlons. I really enjoyed this because it brought me back to competition and working hard. It is a sport I really enjoyed and I still do to this day, but it was missing something. It was missing the in-your-face competition of basketball that I was craving. I continued training for triathlons because I struggled to find a league to play.

After moving to Chicago and continuing my usual triathlon training, I heard about CrossFit. After a google search, Crossfit Alphadog came up as the closest to my location and offered a free class, so I decided to go try it. I remember walking into the gym clueless on my first day and watching the class do thrusters. I was intimidated to say the least. Now, here I am, almost a year later and couldn’t imagine my life without CFAD. I’ve gained confidence, strength, and awesome competition. It’s what I look forward to everyday. Mostly for the amazing people that push me to my limits daily, just like my 8th grade basketball coach.CrossFit Competition


Sam Bosma

CrossFit girl doing push pressI was born and raised in the Lombard area, I’m currently working full time for a manufacturing company as the human resources assistant and hope to eventually go back to school for physical therapy or athletic training. I enjoy being outdoors, mud runs, running, cooking/baking, and going to cross fit duh!

I’ve always been involved in sports since I was a little kid; soccer and volleyball were my 2 main sports. When I got to high school I gave up soccer to focus on playing volleyball year round through school and a traveling league. After college when my volleyball career ended, I took up running as a way to stay in shape since I no longer had volleyball practices and games to keep me in shape. Still, something was missing. I missed the competition of playing a sport, and I missed the hard practices and hard work I put in with my teammates.

That’s when a friend of mine told me about a cross fit gym that she had been going too and she tried to convince me for months to go with her, I was hesitant at first because I had never been a serious weight lifter and was scared I’d embarrass myself because I was not strong. Eventually I went to my first crossfit class in February of 2014, I did my first wod and I was hooked, I loved the feeling of competing again. Everyone was so encouraging and the atmosphere was so positive even though I could barely overhead squat just the 15# barbell, that’s when I knew I wanted to change my fitness goals from wanting to be skinny to now not caring what I look like as long as I’m strong and can lift weights.

Since joining CrossFit Alpha Dog I have gained a lot strength, not just physically but mentally as well. I have the awesome coaches at Alpha Dog to thank for my #gainz because they are always so encouraging and never let me quit, they push me to my limits to do things I never thought I could do. Now I can overhead squat a lot more than just the 15# barbell!

CrossFit girl flexing after race


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