September 2014 - Mark Capulong - CrossFit Alpha Dog

September 2014 – Mark Capulong

I was born and raised in the Northwest Side of Chicago. I’ve lived in the West Suburbs since 2005 and am happily married with a beautiful, almost 2 year old daughter.  I sell IT for living but very much enjoy being with my family & friends, and course staying active with Crossfit.

Crossfit was all the talk at work.  Everyone couldn’t stop taking about it.  (“That’s not Paleo…” “Hey, what was your WOD today?”)  I had to give it a shot.  No matter what diet I tried, it was not working.  Not to mention my X-sport membership where I went 1-2 a month and ONLY play basketball with an occasional biceps/triceps workout (if you want to call it that).  Finally, I started Crossfit in 2011 right before I found out I was going to be a dad.  I was a member at Naperville for about a year and that’s where I became addicted to the whole Crossfit/Paleo lifestyle.  Jazmin was born and I took about a year off and we moved to Lombard.  During my break…Yes, I went back to X-Sport.  I’m not one to judge the place but let’s face it…it was not the same… no WODs, no bumper plates, no chalk, but most importantly no community.

My wife told me there was a Crossfit that opened up, Crossfit Alpha Dog.  Small world… Coach Tommy coached me at Naperville and Coach Mikey was one of the members with me at Naperville.  Took a while to get back into it but I was determined not to let fatherhood and marriage get in the way of my health.  I look at Crossfit as a lifestyle, therapy, challenge, and of course community.  I can truly call Crossfit Alpha Dog, my home away from home.

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