10/09/18 - CrossFit Alpha Dog


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Power Clean (EMOM x 8 2PC+J Singles)

Every Minute for 8 Minutes complete 2 Power Clean and Jerk SINGLES.

Complete the entire lift, and then drop before setting up for your second.

You should not anticipate failing here. Use 75-85% of your Best Power Clean

Metcon (Time)

For Time


Wall Balls 20/14

Pull Ups
Wall Balls should be able to be done in sets of 10s the entire time (with breaks less than 10s). If you do not see this happening scale the weight.

Pull ups need to be done in sets. This is a lot of pull ups (105). If you do not think you will be able to complete this number in the time cap first scale to 20-15-10 Reps. Scale the movement to ring rows. Nothing in between.

Time Cap 12 Minutes