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Power Snatch (Build to a Heavy Power Snatch + 2 overhead Squats)

You will work up to a heavy set that will either be limited by your ability to overhead squat OR your ability to snatch it overhead.

If you need mulitiple attempts at a certain weight to warm up it may be a good idea.

Take less than 15 minutes to accomplish this.

IF you cannot overhead squat safely, complete a :15 overhead hold

Flight Simulator (Time)


*Unbroken Double Unders*
Complete 5 Double unders, then 10, then 15 and so on to 50, and then back down.

If you trip up within a set of double unders you must repeat that set until you complete it unbroken.

Scale to single unders starting at 20 and peaking at 70.

11 Minute Time Cap